nov 2: patrick wolf / blouse / fm belfast

i love….love….patrick wolf. what a talent! the guys plays the violin, piano, harp and uke so effortlessly and he’s gay/bi/andro. awesome! my kinda artiste! i also love his music coz he’s incorporated a lot of 80s new wave/romantic influences as well as classical music. watch for him. lady gaga has admitted she is a big fan so if you worship her, better get on your knees boys and girls for patrick. šŸ™‚

here are the pictures from his intimate acoustic show at frikirkjan, a pretty church opposite reykjavik’s city lake.

– ‘patty’ plays the celtic harp which he just began to re-acquaint himself with –

– ‘patty’ whips out the electric uke. is there an instrument this guy can’t play?! –

– let’s get a wider shot of the whole church ambience shall we? –

i discovered fm belfast during one of my musical research jaunts last year and i dug their happy, happy, joy, joy party music. here they are performing at the harpa. it was a hi-energy show from start to finish. the photos are pretty shitty coz of the dark hall and the fact that i was miles away from the stage.

– let’s get this party started fm belfast style! –

– excuse me? we didn’t ask you to stop dancing people! now get up and get down! –


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