soak your cares away in reykjavik

- have fun at reykjavik's many 'cool' geo-pools

– have fun at reykjavik’s many ‘cool’ geo-pools –

where else in the world can you get your pool gear on and soak your cares away in a nice, steamy pool in freezing winter?

why, iceland of course!

most visitors will of course, know that the blue lagoon is the place to visit and take a dip in when visiting the country but there are numerous opportunities for a splashing good time in iceland.

whether it’s saunas or hot pots, frequent swims in these pools have been said to cure athritis, asthma and many other skin conditions. it’s no wonder locals have no problems maintaining their health. these pools are operated year round by the sports and youth council of reykjavik and they are open from around 7am to as late as 10pm most days.

locals use these pools as a way to de-stress, catch up with friends, make business deals or to squeeze in their daily exercise regimen. the temperatures in these pools range from 37°C to 42°C (98°F -111°F) and best, of all affordable.

here are some geo-pools you can take a dip into while enjoying some lively conversations with the locals when you’re in reykjavik next.

laugardalslaug – i mentioned this before and i’ll mention it again because it’s great for the budget conscious. this geo-pool is centrally located in the city and is great for the whole family. the kids will love the slides and mums n dads will enjoy the many hot pots and steambath choices available. just bring your own towels and robes as these are not provided. you would have to rent them for a fee.

laugardalslaug_ swimming pool

laugardalslaug_ swimming pool

sundhöll reykjavikur – this is quite the experience because it’s the city’s oldest swimming pool and its only indoor one. if you have the reykjavik welcome card, entrance into this facility is free. sweet!

sundhöll reykjavikur pool. pic courtesy of

sundhöll reykjavikur pool. pic courtesy of

grafarvogslaug–  another free entry pool with your reykjavik welcome card. this pool complex is located in the reykjavík suburb of grafarvogur. get your swimming fix here with both outdoor and indoor pools, outdoor children’s pool, a paddling pool, three “hot pots” and a steam bath.

vesturbæjarlaug – this is one of the coolest pools to take a dip in because it’s close to the city centre and has a very local vibe to it. a great place to strike up conversations with locals or hear about the latest gossip, vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool has jacuzzis, hot tubs, a geothermal pool and more.

kjalarneslaug – nature lovers will dig this pool. with mount esja in the backdrop and a little aways from the city, this pool has pools, sun lamps and a gym for fitness freaks. not to mention an unbelievable view and trekking opportunities after the swimming. 🙂

for more information on swimming pools/hot springs in reykjavik and iceland, head to:

you’ll get the latest updates on pool fees, opening hours, locations and more.

happy swimming!


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