inspired by iceland video

Source: Inspired by Iceland

Photo Source: Inspired by Iceland

it’s been a rough couple of weeks for me as work duties called and i succumbed to a bad flu over the last few days, so the posts have not been as frequent as i would have liked them to be. my sincerest apologies guys.

i hope to get things up and running again soon and seeing how i’m on the mend and all,  i thought i’d write a little bit about one of my favourite promotional videos on iceland.

this piece was created by the good folks at Inspired by Iceland. (takk!)

Inspired by Iceland Video

the video kicks off with a close-up shot of a girl who speaks about her overwhelming  joy of being in iceland.

she then pans the camera over to a wide shot of her friend in the background whom she runs off to, to join her in a cute, joyful dance that cuts to a two and a half minute showcase of iceland.

highlights include pristine icelandic landscapes, its busy and cheerful folk as well as all the fun activities one could think of doing here, including some cheeky skinny dipping in a natural geothermal pool. 🙂

people dance, cartwheel, skip and step to the incessant  ‘tong-ka-tung rong kung kung’  rhythms of emiliana torrini’s song “jungle drum”. emiliana also, by the way, provided the haunting vocals for “gollum’s song” on the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers soundtrack.

as for the video, all i can conclude is that it’s a fun and entertaining watch!


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