day 10: the vik village walkabout

it was day 10 of our trip and after an adventurous day out at skaftafell and jökulsárlón, we woke up slightly later than usual – if you can call 8:30 late, that is.

after a hearty brekkie at vik hostel, we decided to start off our last day in iceland with a leisurely walk around the village.

vík í mýrdal, as i’ve mentioned before is the southernmost village in iceland. population: 300.

but despite its small size, don’t be fooled, my friends. this village is quite big on sights.

embraced by gigantic hills and mountains, an impressive and famous black beach and a picturesque valley that cups a peaceful and pretty village, vík í mýrdal is the kind of place where you go to, to forget there’s a hustling and bustling world out there.

the personally illustrated map below shows you our route. you can click on it to get an expanded view. (persis: er, forgive me if the drawing sucks. my art is a little rusty. :))

vik route map

so what are you waiting for?

come take a walk with us through vik.

the road in front of our hostel…

i notice the snow melting slowly off the grass…

a trailer opposite our hostel…

windows of a residence that i found interesting…

walking amongst the pretty houses in vik village…

climbing up a slippery hill to get to the church…to the church on time 🙂

a magnificient view of the village from atop the church hill…

a closer view of the village…

another magnificient view of the atlantic from a different angle atop the hill…

and it’s time to walk, walk, walk down the hill…careful! the roads are slippery.

at the village’s main junction…

time to figure out where we are…oh, are we really in vik? you’re kidding! 🙂

hey! look at this pretty creek…i wonder where it goes.

oh, it takes us across town to a field next to the beach…

wow! look at the view from down here. epic!

oh my! have we returned to the dark ages? the black beach! can i shoot my next film here please?

thank you vik! that was a good walk! we’ll see you next time!


4 responses to “day 10: the vik village walkabout

  1. These are absolutely stunning. The rough weather yields such an amazing light. And the snow in this landscape is the icing on the cake! I’m absolutely impressed. Have a nice start to the week!

  2. thank you very much. yes, the light is certainly very ‘moody’ you could say which is kinda what i like and why i think my next trip there will probably be in fall. i mean i like the summer colours but picture-wise, it will be the cold weather that brings out the best of iceland. 🙂 have a great week yourself! speak soon!

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