iceland – the jedi moments

visiting a new country is always terribly exciting, especially when it’s a vacation to a place not many other people have been to.

iceland is just one of those places and it’s not surprising that while you get to do a lot of ‘touristy’ things during your journey, there will be a lot of ‘yoda’ or ‘jedi master’ moments sandwiched in between.

the photos below capture just such a moment during my gullfoss stopover when ‘the force’ compelled me to stray away from the rest of the pack to explore the landscapes opposite the falls. don’t ask me why but mountains, grass, roads and gravelly paths that lead to nowhere are some of my favourite subjects to photograph, no matter which country i travel to.

a free guest post to anyone who can make a story out of these pictures! may the force be with you. haha! 🙂

 jedi moment 1: ….he who paths tread may the sun see…


jedi moment 2: brush with mountain peak, find you can, peace as big as sky…


jedi moment 3: if the wind you follow, in life, a new direction you will find…


jedi moment 4: even if as the rocks one is steady, still it crumble will…



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