day 8: timeout@vik hostel

bad fuglar koma sjaldan gott veður. – “bad birds seldom bring good weather.”

- perched ideally on a hill is vík hostel -

– perched ideally on a hill is vík hostel –

after lunch at the local N1 gas station grille, ratna, our guide on the south coast tour, dropped us off at the ‘nordur vík’ or vík hostel in the village of vík í mýrdal: population – 300.

it took us awhile to find the place as the signs were not very clear.

- signs are not very clear in vík -

– signs are not very clear in vík –

after a few minutes of driving around vík’s main artery roads, we finally figured out its actual location and as we approached it, we were greeted by a blue-roofed two-storey home. the rain was still falling lightly and we were a bit weary from our travels up until then, so this was a nice little reprieve.

- the inviting entrance to vík hostel -

– the inviting entrance to vík hostel –

entering the hostel, we found that the lounge was made up of a glass-panelled living room area with warm lights and inviting couches that looked like a cozy den. a small television graced a corner while a bookshelf with a cocktail mix of old international english bestsellers and local favourites straddled a back wall; simplistic shabby-chic deco that was an ode to the icelandic rural life. short of a crackling fireplace and a sheep barn out back, vík hostel was playing all its cards right with guests looking for that quiet rural countryside getaway.

the friendly receptionist showed us to our room and the first thing i did was throw my heavy-as-a-body-bag hoversack on the chair next to my bed and admired the view from the window right by it. check out the instagram below. picturesque, isn’t it?

- view from the room window -

– view from the room window –

vík hostel is perched atop one of the village’s idyllic-looking hills which means only one thing – great views! i loved it and so do many of the guests that have stayed there. a look at some of the reviews online about vík goes anything from “great place to stay”, “relaxed and homely”, “convenient and cozy” to “great value for money” and “cheerful staff”.

only downside? when the hostel is full, which it is quite often in the summer and even early winter, it can be a bit of a tight fit for guests.

getting some quality bathroom time may also be a challenge in the mornings as there are only 3 baths to be shared between all the guests so be patient. other than that, this place comes pretty highly recommended by me because i’m a country bumpkin at heart who always loves snuggling up in small little spaces during the cold season watching sheep and horses, writing or reading a book. too bad i didn’t bring my portable broom cupboard along this time! what was i thinking?! 🙂

that first afternoon was spent lolling about with my ipad at the lounge downstairs with my travelling companion. bad weather was beginning to fester. people who were doing road trips around the area began to trickle into the hostel as the light showers earlier in the day gave way to strong wind gusts and heavy flurries.

filled to capacity by the time 5pm rolled around, the hostel had to steer people away to other nearby guest houses and hotels in the village. i watched people come and go as i sipped a hot cup of malt wondering how many other people were stranded out there on the highway that evening. darkness had set in shortly after and the cold winds were already gathering momentum as they whistled incessantly over the surrounding valley. ‘not a good time to be out,’ i told my travelling companion.

we made idle chit chat with an austrian guy who was lucky enough to have clinched a room at the hostel for the night. he told us he was doing a road trip all by himself around the island and how the weather had been getting increasingly bad as he was travelling from the western part of iceland to the south. headwinds coupled with light flurries hounded his journey throughout and he was wondering if the weather would let up the next day.

inspired by his tale, we began to recount how we too had had experiences with mother nature PMS’ing on us the week before and joked about the probability of us being the jinxed ‘asian lassies’ who had brought this temperamental weather upon iceland when we arrived, to which he responded with a laugh.

we then shared with him our plans for the next day to visit the jökulsárlón glacier lagoon which would take us further east of the island, hoping the weather would hold up better than it did that day. he shared our concerns since he had similar plans but unfortunately for all of us, when the dawn broke, that was not to be the case….[to be continued]


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