the ultimate picture fog-up

a lot of readers have been saying some good things about the photos on this site and i’d like to say thanks. i love photography and pretty visuals and any kind words to spur me on is most welcomed 🙂 however, you gotta thank iceland. the country is just a landscape photographer’s dream.

- iceland is a landscape photographer's paradise -

– iceland is a landscape photographer’s paradise –

for this trip i needed a handy, lightweight camera that could take DLSR quality pictures. i knew that bringing my 5D would be a killer in terms of portability and weight so after checking out the specs for most brands, i decided to get a sony alpha NEX-5N which did produce some decent pictures, although like a lot of these hybrid DSLRs, auto focusing can be a pain in the butt and not to be relied on too much.

- rain was already splashing on the lens filter -

– rain was already splashing on the lens filter –

manual focusing is still key but i had a lot of problems switching between the background and foreground focuses and i had to find a way to work around those for a number of shots, including the one above.  * hence why i still love my 5D mII to death btw*

because of that, this trip up to vik i mrydal became a real bad day for photo-taking. the gale winds gave way to snow and rain and although i was prepared with a ziploc bag and even a shower cap to protect my lenses from the water, getting decent pictures from that day onwards was a real challenge.

- major lens filter fog up -

– major lens filter fog up –

luckily i capped my lenses off with ND filters that would

  1. help me take away some of the burn from cloudy, white, or sunny overexposed skies and
  2. be an extra layer of protection for my lenses.

but that wasn’t enough because not even the lens filter could fight off the incessant rain and began fogging up badly resulting in some terrible pictures, even the close-ups. in the end, whatever artistic vision i had couldn’t outdo the wet and depressing weather conditions.

i do regret not getting a splash bag, after all.

am open to any suggestions to taking better pictures in bad weather.


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