deep fried goodness gracious me!

ef þú ferðast í einn dag, taka brauð í viku. – “if you travel for a day, take bread for a week.”

she is served up warm and delicious sprinkled with sugar, sometimes dipped in chocolate and is a hot favourite with locals.

yes, I’m talking about iceland’s version of ‘dunkin donuts’, the kleina which literally translated means deep-fried goodness.

hey! what DID you think I was referring to eh? 😉

kleina is a must-try when you’re in the country, especially in winter. put it on your travel checklist because this is just plain ole simple comfort food that warms the belly and puts a smile on your face as well as your instagram pictures.

just like our asian fritters, kleina is a type of fried pastry.  this twisted doughnut is made with dough that’s knotted in the middle and shaped into a trapezoid with a slit in between.

it’s then deep-fried in oil or tallow and can be enjoyed with a nice hot cup of coffee, tea or chocolate. mmmmmmmm…..heavenly!

kleina can be found in most cafes in reykjavik and the country but don’t take that for granted. these babies sell out in most places faster than you can say ‘krispy kremes’ so get ‘em early and freshly baked.

kleina is simple to make. no michelin chef skills required. when the urge hits, here’s a recommended recipe from the good people of the ‘icouldsomake’ folks.


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