reykjavik basics

Ef þú ferðast í einn dag, taka brauð í viku. – “If you travel for a day, take bread for a week.”

– aerial view of reykjavik with the esja volcano mountain in the background –

there’s a proverb you need to remember because going on a trip this big requires some research and a starting point.

our starting point was finding out about the basics about iceland’s capital city, reykjavik as that was our entry point into the big, wide world of this stunning country.

i did up a quick guide to serve as a jumping point, mostly because there was so much information out there and i needed to streamline it all down. that made it easier for me to then build an idea of what we could do in iceland.

most of the information we obtained for this guide was obtained from mobile app, guide pal.

the app, for both iphones and android phones can be downloaded from the itunes and google play stores.

below, you’ll find a basic map of reykjavik from the tourist centre. click on it to enlarge it.

– a map by the reykjavik tourist centre –


click the link below to download a basic reykjavik guide i worked on before our trip.



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