day 7: sigur ros come home

but it was you who let everything into my heart and it was you, once again who woke my spirit – sigur ros

– jonsi and sigur ros rock the crowd –

day 6: sigur ros@laugardagshollin

day 5 of the airwaves festival culminated in the sigur ros performance at reykjavik’s national indoor stadium, laugardagshollin. i mean where else can an epic band like them, churning out cinematic post-rock numbers play? my travel companion says sigur ros is a national treasure and from the turnout, i’m inclined to think so as well.

the wait started for me and my friend at 5:30pm. we shared a cab with another hostel guest and fan from argentina (yes, people DO travel far and wide to see this band play). we wanted to get there early so we could stake our place as near to the stage as we could. it paid off, as you’ll see from the photos. 🙂

doors finally opened at 6:30pm and then it began; a 1.5 hour wait for that ‘glosoli’ band.

at around 8ish, the crowd was getting restless and then all of a sudden, screams rang out through the hall as the band came onstage and the first strains of their opening number came on behind a thin transparent veil. this went on for about 2 songs before the veil cascaded dramatically to reveal ‘the band’. ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’, screams, yells and other gutteral sounds emanated from an excited crowd.

for me, the concert was a strange mix of highs and lows with some emo moments thrown in as my favourite tunes came on as well as annoying times as a few members of the audience came in last-minute, barging themselves into the crowds in front of us without a care.

nevertheless, it was a solid, sold-out 2-hour performance as sigur ros finally played on homeground after 4 years. the chilly weather outside was also perfect for everyone to get into the melancholy, victorious mood that sigur ros’ music always seem to evoke.

what really stood out for me were the visual projections that really helped to augment the experience even further. according to my travelling companion, some of these projections were taken from the band’s vault of fan-made music videos/short films that were made during the mystery film experiment callout last year.

one of these projections in particular stood out for me. it was a short motion graphics film where people appear mysteriously on the edge of mountains and cliffs at the icelandic countryside, each holding a kerosene lamp. as the figures multiply onscreen, they all eventually release the lights in their lamps – a sort of emancipation, i suppose which was used to good effect as it left you with a haunting feeling that i enjoyed very much.

see the actual video of varúð below.

i thought sigur ros was a fantastic way to end the airwaves festival this year although i have to say that physically, i was very tired, slightly crabby and ready to go to bed after it all. music festivals are really tough on an old lady like me. LOL!

so we bid the airwaves 2012 adieu until it returns again at the same time, next year.

meanwhile, here are some photos from the sigur ros experience. enjoy!

– the projection from varud that really haunted me –

– sigur ros come together to take a bow –

– and there they go! taking a bow –


One response to “day 7: sigur ros come home

  1. Thanks for your sharing!
    My friends and I are going to iceland for a 16-day trip this summer. My friend loves Sigur ros very much and thus we would want to see if there’s any opportunity to see any of their concerts or performance in Iceland. Would you mind telling me how and where can I look up for information about their show, or any other activities related to Sigur ros?
    I understand that they are a super popular international band so it might not be possible,.. If this is the case, would you recommend any musical performance in Reykjavik in late July? And any web link I can buy tickets in advance?
    Thank you very much!

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