you heard it on the reykjavik grapevine

if you’re jaunting about reykjavik, be sure to pick up the city’s hippest, coolest urban newsmag – the reykjavik grapevine.

filled chockful with articles (and loads of helpful ads from tour operators/companies) on what’s going down under the city’s coolest creative, entertainment, lifestyle and social scenes.

reykjavik grapevine is free and if you look closely, can be spotted at the city’s trendiest places from its hostels, underground bars, cafes, museums and novelty shops.

the least trendiest place you’ll see it is at the tourist centres but hey, don’t let that stop you! the mag’s often stylish, design-centric front pages more than infuse its surroundings with some serious sunshades attitude.

you can also download free PDFs of previous issues via their website if you’re paper-conscious.

remember, everything you know about iceland,  you probably heard it on the reykjavik grapevine.

click for a sample download below.

reykjavik grapevine_issue16



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