take the weather with you

welcome to iceland. if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes… – my travel bag

– get accurate updates on the weather in iceland at the meteorological office’s website –

gotta agree with this little witty line that’s on a souvenir bag i got from iceland.

the weather on this island is worse than my mother’s PMS. well, back when she did have PMS, that is.

expect to experience rain and snow one day and howling arctic gale winds the next, so when travelling to iceland, don’t just sit there and pray for better weather. you wanna be in the know.

best place to do that?

do frequent check-ins before, during and on the day of your departure.

do it before – so you know what to pack.

do it during – so you can change up your itinerary and scoot on over to your ‘plan b’s’ and finally, do it on the day of your departure so you’re not hit with any surprises with airline scheduling delays related to the weather.

you can do your usual weather check-ins with google or BBC’s weather updates but we prefer you visit the iceland meteorological office’s official site here.

as crowded house once chorused: always take the weather with you…..


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