iceland: it’s a calling

Það er betri tími til að sjá hlutina en hundrað sinnum til að heyra um þau. “it is better one time to see things than one hundred times to hear about them.”

visiting iceland was a calling. an inner voice told me to do it.

luckily enough i wasn’t the only one hearing inner voices. seems like my travel companion had too. 🙂

iceland was a trip of a lifetime. i have no regrets.

as the saying goes above, i had to see this country at least once in my life because i’d heard of it hundreds of times before.

during our short trip there, i connected with all the landscapes as much as i could.

i felt ancient – like an old soul coming to say hello once again to all the mountains, rocks, rivers and lands that i saw; as if this was a place i knew before my time as persis.

and being a hindu/buddhist/spiritualist, it is very likely i may have been on these lands before because of my past lives. who knows?

everything just came together and fit into place. that feeling doesn’t come everyday in my stressful, hi-strung life as a producer on the tiny island city of singapore where people shove you mentally, physically and emotionally and where life has made me jaded, emotionally detached, depressed and joyless. it’s a world where people just take – take – take  and take sooooooo much from you leaving you lifeless, like a shell, with very little by the end of the day or the week. being a sensitive, creative, instinctive clair-sentient person, such a lifestyle has affected my energies tremendously.

that’s why it was nice to feel that there is a place here on earth, where we are all doing jail time really, in our physical bodies, where all the pieces just fit so perfectly in golden silence; a place that is so much larger in its infinite power and energy.

a place where all the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and ether in the surroundings have blended together in a symphony of beauty, creation and destruction.

it’s because of this that i will return, only to keep listening to mother nature’s vast and all-encompassing soul sounds.

– here’s me embracing my inner waterfall bliss at seljalandsfoss –



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