day 5: gayle gayle go away

gale force winds and iceland airwaves. the national weather service has advised residents to beware of flying hipsters. -@ccpFozzie: Twitter

– calm before the gale: a view from our room at reykjavik downtown hostel –

i don’t know whether it was the spillover from hurricane sandy that blew iceland away on the 2 november but i remember hearing the wind once again howling non-stop that morning while in bed.

our hostel windows were rattling and with one of them hanging loose due to a broken lock, was banging incessantly through the night.

we woke up to find that the winds that had been building up the last few days, since our glacier trek, had now become a forceful gale.

i thought, ‘well there goes our day trip to the city and our concerts tonight….’ and crawled back into bed.

with no television or radio at our disposal, we weren’t sure whether an advisory or warning had been issued.

– a very under the radar warning to residents of the upcoming bad weather on the national meteorological site –

a quick check on my ipad browser for the weather in iceland that day also revealed very little so we decided to take the safe route anyway based on what we were witnessing outside and stayed put at our hostel.

later that night, the winds seemed to have died down a little and many festival revellers, including us, decided, like the vikings of yore in iceland, to brave the weather to see our favourite bands and singers perform but let me tell ya, it was quite the feat.

on the way back, there were times when i had to grab on to railings, buildings; anything for that matter that would steady me as i made my way back to the hostel. the winds were merciless, ice-cold and assaulting anyone in it’s path.

quite the experience given that a couple of days later, we got ‘wind’ from the locals how some people did get blown off in central and eastern iceland that very day.


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