day 3: collecting the airwaves passes

tónlist er maturinn af lífi – “music is the food of life…”

– reykjavik downtown hostel, one the festival’s off-venue locations –

day 3 – oct 31 2012: media plaza, reykjavik

this was an exciting day for us as we headed down to the media plaza at Center Hotel in reykjavik to collect our wristband and tickets for the sigur ros concert.

yes, it can only be one thing – the first day of the year’s biggest fall music festival, the iceland airwaves festival 2012.

headlining the fest was of course iceland’s most beloved musical jewel, sigur ros along with other up and coming icelandic, uk, us and european acts. hmmmm….wonder why they never invite asian bands? we’ve got some good ones here too!

to survive the iceland airwaves festival, one must have

  • solid winter wear to bear the cold winds when the sun goes down in this city
  • an iceland airwaves programme booklet that comes with a map of all the venues
  • the music festival’s very own app downloaded into your android or iphones
  • and finally, a 500ml bottle of H20 to keep you all nice and hydrated during the shows, some of which can go on till the wee hours of the morning

best also to pick out all your must-see artistes and plan your itinerary realistically as many shows will clash.

some local icelandic bands will play a couple of big shows and quite a few off-venue shows, so if time is not on your hands to catch a big show, make plans to catch them play off-venue.

word of warning though: go at least an hour early to these off-venue shows as these shows take place in compact boutique hostels, cafes and restaurants in the city that can only house usually house 60 – 100 people at any one time, tops.

if you are lucky to get in, well then, sit back, enjoy the show and let us know if you saw any big icelandic acts swinging by and hanging out. most are known to do so, from jonsi, the lead singer of sigur ros to bjork, so keep your eyes peeled.

more on some of the shows i caught during the festival on the iceland airwaves 2012 page…..


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