day 2: skogafoss

frjósöm er vatn sem rennur undir hraunið. – “fertile is water that runs under lava.”

day 2 – Oct 30 2012: skoga & skogafoss

after our memorable trek at the solheimajokull glacier snout off the myrsdalsjokull ice cap, our guide redeems himself by letting us hang out at one of south iceland’s favourite tourist spot, the skoga waterfalls.

if you’re an expert on iceland, you’ll know that waterfalls runneth aplenty in this nation of fire and ice. they appear like 7-11s everywhere on the island. you can be sure that there’ll be one tumbling and showering itself upon raw, stunning landscapes practically every hour. from the grand duke of them all, gulfoss in the south, to the detifoss waterfall in the north,

set near a picturesque village of 25 (yes, you heard me, 25) skogafoss is 1 of 26 – 30 estimated waterfalls fed by the magnanimous skoga river.

skogafoss, however, is a splendid little jaw-dropper that flirts with travellers plying the ring road from reykjavik and back. easily accessible and just an hour and half away from reykjavik, she is a tourist favourite.

if you’re lucky to see her on a sunny day, she’ll also throw in a happy and colourful rainbow for you to snap some amazing pictures with.

summertime is perfect for visitors to climb the steps of a hill located right next to the fall that lead you to the top. there, you can witness skogafoss fall gracefully into the stream below. you’ll also be able to trail the skoga river further up its mouth and find more cascading water bodies and great scenery that most would miss.

wintertime, however, isn’t the time to do this as the climb could get slippery due to the sleet on the stairs.

plus points: easily accessible, great opportunities for photo-taking and a real stunner.

major bummer: it has become a really busy and touristy place. not ideal if you’re lookingto have some serious me-time to connect with nature or get that great landscape-themed shot on your D700 or 5DMII. not when there are a thousand other tourists milling about, all trying to do the very same thing you are….


*below is a google map of skogafoss’ location and its distance from reykjavik

to enjoy the natural beauties of the south coast, which include skogafoss, you can either rent a car and drive along the route (not recommended if you are not used to driving on snow-filled roads during the winter thought) or take a tour.

car rental in reykjavik

prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you are renting. starting prices can start from 20,000ISK per day.

i highly recommend the flexible southern coast from bustravel iceland. their guide, ratna is, i think, iceland’s best. ask for him if you’re booking a tour from them.

bustravel iceland – the southern island tour takes you to on an easy glacier walk to glacier sólheimajökull, skógafoss and the quaint village of vík and vik i mrydal black beach.

duration: 9 hours.
pick-up from accomodation: 08:00
departure: 08:30
operating: monday, wednesday, friday

  • adults 11.900 ISK
  • 7 – 15 years 5.950 ISK
  • 0 – 6 years FREE

2 responses to “day 2: skogafoss

  1. “prices vary depending on the type of vehicle you are renting. starting prices can start from 200ISK per day.”

    Think you missed a few zeros there 🙂
    Great blog btw. I’ll be in iceland from 24th dec to 1st jan – can’t wait! so much of planning to do!

    • O my goodness! Thanks for pointing it out 😀 I shall change this immediately. Have a great trip. Iceland is a gorgeous country that will not leave you even after you do leave. There’s some Christmas bazaars and free tours happening this month in Reykjavik so do ask your friendly hostel/hotel staff. Have a great holiday and stay safe. – Persis –

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