day 1: arrival at iceland

Ísland er besta land sem sólin skín. “Iceland is the best land on which the sun shines.”

we arrived at keflavik on the 29 october – a calm and pretty day in iceland.

keflavik airport is iceland’s main international airport that houses the country’s main carrier, iceland air. it’s also the only airline, besides SAS and another one or two european airlines that brings you to iceland. it has great connections from europe, england, ireland, the united states and canada so getting there isn’t as tough as you may think.

on our flight into iceland, my travelling companion and i remember looking out the window right before touchdown going ‘wow! look at the surreal landscapes!’. we saw moon-like crater landscapes welcoming us as the plane descended to this moon-like country and i regretted not bringing my spacesuit for this trip of a lifetime. (darn gravity!)

once we got out,  we were surprised to find that we didn’t need to clear immigration if we were entering the country via europe. another perk of visiting planet iceland. however, if you’re an ‘alien’ coming in from the united states, canada or london, you’ll unfortunately have to get stamped. but since lines are rather short, expect to get this done quickly and efficiently.

then, once you’ve gone past all the usual airport procedures and collected your baggage(s), here are the things you might want to do next, whether you’re travelling alone or in a small group.

change money – there’s a money changer to your left when you get past the baggage collection area and approach the airport’s arrival lobby and exit. here’s  where you can   change your euros to icelandic currency which is kronos (KR). you’d probably also get a better rate doing it here instead of in europe as it’s not a very heavily circulated currency. try to spend all this money in iceland as well because it will be hard to change it back to euros in other destinations or you could retain some leftover currency as souvenirs if you’d like a nice memory of your trip. 🙂

tourist desk – at the exit lobby, you’ll find a tourist desk with heaploads of brochures. feel free to stack up on as many of those as possible if you didn’t have time to do your icelandic research. they’ll be useful for your current or future journeys.

bus to reykjavik – then head straight to the bus booth where you can opt to buy a ticket to reykjavik using either the Grey Line Airport Express or Fly Bus. these buses also do a stopover at the Blue Lagoon but only on certain times and days, so be sure to ask when.

1. Grey Line Airport Expressthe grey line airport express is run by grey line’s iceland excursions. they have tours to most parts of the country which you can book online or in person once you’re in reykjavik but they also run bus services between reykjavik and keflavik airport. you can find info on the grey line airport express website here.

  • one-way transfers: 2.200 ISK per person
  • return transfers: 4.000 ISK per person
  • youth from 12-17 years: 50% discount on adult fares
  • children 0-11 years: free

(all prices quoted above are from Nov 2012. please refer to the website for updates in pricing.)

2. Fly Bus  – fly bus is the other bus service that will get you from keflavik to reykjavik although pricing varies with grey line by a few hundred kronos, however if you’re internet savvy, then you might want to get on-board this bus since it comes with free wi-fi.

once you’ve purchased your ticket is to head to the buses waiting outside the terminal building at the parking lots, load up your luggage and enjoy your ride to reykjavik.


2 responses to “day 1: arrival at iceland

  1. Is it a good idea to travel to Iceland in November for 4 days? What activities you suggest for a 4 day trip in the middle of November.

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