welcome to iceland

kemst þó hægt fari. “you will reach your destination even though you travel slowly.”

journeying to iceland is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetimes if nature and a love for geology are things close to your hearts.

the country is a wonderland for geology enthusiasts and nature lovers. scenic breath-taking landscapes are minutes away from the capital, reykjavik and adventure tours are available for people of all sizes, shapes and frames on most days of the year except on bad weather days and to most icelanders already used to living in an unfriendly climate, those days are few and far between seeing how most locals consider what foreigners think is bad weather as normal days.

so now that we’ve briefly covered what iceland is, let’s get to what it is not.

it’s definitely not a country of shopping malls, designer brands or nauseating traffic jams. if you’re looking for mcdonald’s or starbucks to ease your way here, forget it.

instead enjoy fare from local cafes and hot snack stands, the almost empty roads of reykjavik, winter wear shopping at 66north, iceland’s biggest winter wear brand and the dark humour of the icelandic people. trust me, everyone has at least one joke to make you smile or burst out laughing.

and just like the unexpected jokes of the icelanders, the country is full of surprises.

every 5 minutes, landscapes change dramatically as glaciers give way to endless lava fields and deserts or black-coasted beaches. the weather is also as fickle and temperamental as a woman with severe PMS.

on our journey in early winter alone, we experienced sunshine, gale winds, showers and a sudden snow storm all in the space of 10 days! that’s a weather feat I have never experienced in all my life, unless you consider new zealand in early spring, another volcanic beauty of a country that rains and shines every 5 minutes.

so that’s iceland for you in a nutshell, no, wait a minute….that should read, in a crater.

now just put on your gloves, coats and hiking boots and explore the country with me in this blog.


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