outliers vol.1 [the ovi project]

what do you get when you put a bunch of filmakers, photographers and musicians and dump them in the middle of nowhere in ice cold land? 😀

you’d think it would be a batch of iced humans on sticks right?

actually, not quite.

instead you get OVI. Outliers, Vol I: Iceland – an observant feature film on the country’s surreal and textured landscapes that’s accompanied by a thoughtful, popsicle music soundtrack that will chill your heart and draw you straight into the frozen depths of iceland.

photographers involved in the project have also produced a book with pictures of some of the country’s most remote sites, revealing alien-like geography that can only be found on Mars or NASA’s satellite video archive.

from the YouTube teasers, this project looks like a must-see and must-hear.

just don’t forget to bring a warm coat when watching this one.


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